Manufacturing is Northeast Ohio is Evolving and so is MAGNET

refocus imageTechnology, workforce and competitive issues make manufacturing in 2014 different than it was even 5 years ago, with success coming to those who embrace change.

MAGNET (The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network) is changing to serve the region’s manufacturers better.

The 30 years of knowledge we’ve acquired helping companies measurably increase their top-line sales and bottom-line results is being enhanced through working partnerships with a powerful network of regional assets ready and willing to assist manufacturers achieve sustainable, long term growth.

MAGNET’s deep experience in

  • Optimizing manufacturing process and productivity
  • new product design, development and market diversification
  • and solving training and workforce issues

Among the network of organizations fully supporting a refocused MAGNET are government labs like NASA Glenn Research Center, award-winning talent, faculty and researchers at the areas college’s and universities, leading manufacturers willing to share their expertise, and sources of capital interested in funding innovation.

To learn more about the changes at MAGNET, call 1-800-GROW-MFG (4769-634) or visit our newly refocused website!

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Sauder Woodworking and MAGNET Find A Way To Innovation

When Sauder Woodworking began seeing less growth and profits, the company couldn’t afford to invest in innovation, yet truly needed to explore new markets. By reaching out to MAGNET, the Sauder Company received structured guidance towards innovating a new kind of product and ensuring its financial success. In this video, you’ll learn how MAGNET helped lead the Sauder Woodworking Company to create the innovative and commercially successful WoodTrac Ceiling System.

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MAGNET Tenant Featured in Cleveland Business Connects Magazine


The Incubator at MAGNETosteo‘s tenant, OsteoSymbionics, was recently recognized in Cleveland Business Connects Magnazine. What is this Osteosymbionics? Well it is a Cleveland-based manufacturer of custom craniofacial implants serving surgeons at leading hospitals across the United States for patients that have suffered traumatic brain injuries with damage to the face or skull due to injury, disease or deformity.

See the full article here.


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Manufacturing – It’s For Women Too!

Judith Crocker, Director of Workforce & Talent Development, MAGNET

Judith Crocker, Director of Workforce & Talent Development, MAGNET

As the economy in Northeast Ohio continues to rebound, the demand for skilled, educated workers in manufacturing is increasing.

Employers are seeking future workers from all sources and there is growing recognition of the role that women can play in these 21st Century careers.

Welding is one of those careers that offers great opportunities for women.  A recent CNBC.Com article illustrates the demand and potential for women in today’s modern manufacturing workplace.

See the CNBC article here.

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Cleveland, Ohio – We make stuff here!





Manufacturing Contributed $35.5 Billion

to the Regional Economy in 2012;

The average wage for manufacturing was $58,168,

far surpassing the average regional wage of $44,367

See Press Release Here

See Entire Report Here



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MAGNET Incubator Tenant Named Most Interesting Person

clevelandwhiskey25In the  January 2014 issue of Cleveland Magazine, you may see a name that we’ve mentioned before… Tom Lix! The CEO and founder of Cleveland Whiskey, who also happens to be one of our incubator tenants. 

Lix came to MAGNET (The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network) in 2009 for help making his “radical idea” of a faster aging whiskey come to life.  Lix’s unique method of aging whiskey applies large amounts of pressure to force the alcohol through the pores of barrel wood, which gives whiskey its flavor and only takes about a week to make as compared to a decade or so like the other stuff.

“I’m not that patient,” says Lix with a grin.

So Lix began work with the MAGNET Product Design & Development team to come up with a robust system to produce this “radically different” whiskey in Cleveland, Ohio. They decided to called it “Cleveland Whiskey” and their Black Bourbon started hitting beverage stores in March 2013. (To find out more about Cleveland Whiskey and their involvement with MAGNET, click here.)

We always knew Tom Lix was an interesting person, and we are happy to see we are not the only ones!

Looking for Product Design & Development assistance? Give MAGNET a call today: 1.800.GROW.MFG

Click here to find a bottle of Cleveland Whiskey near you!

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MAGNET Helps SIFCO Streamline And Stay “SMART”

SIFCO Forge Group found themselves with longer-than-desired turnaround and delivery times and needed a lean program to help them reduce these times and their costs. In partnering with MAGNET, SIFCO went far beyond a typical lean program and redefined their company culture with the SIFCO SMART program. In this video, you’ll learn more about MAGNET and SIFCO’s development of SMART and how it positively impacted not just SIFCO’s bottom line but every single member of its workforce.

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